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Dog training

We provide behavioural and field work for all types of dog because training leads to freedom

My philosophy

I specialise in dogs and my training methods are based firmly in getting the dog to want to work with you. This involves talking "dog".

The ability to understand how an animal views the world is the key to forming a partnership with that animal. No two dogs are the same, but they all talk the same language and often it is our lack of ability to understand that is the root cause of behavioural problems.

Learn what your dog is telling you and you'll be half way to solving the problem.

The single biggest fault we can have as a trainer is to humanise our dogs. A dog is happy when it is treated like a dog. Our lives are stressful with the pressures of modern living, so why should we inflict that on our dogs?

Understand your dog's expectations of life, understand what your dog is telling you and understand what your dog expects from you - and you will have a relaxed happy dog. Otherwise you can expect separation anxiety, nervous aggression ... the list goes on. If you are not communicating with your dog and feel that owning a dog is more of a pain than a pleasure, let us help form the partnership to correct that balance.

Make it a game! This is after all how dogs learn and practice their skills. By utilising the natural learning process in the dog, we help you to produce the dog that's right for you. It's you who will work the dog, so it's you who should train it.

Let us help by giving you tried and tested training games to sharpen the skills you will need for whatever activity you and the dog are to engage in.

No musician has ever been able to play a solo without first learning the basic scales. The dog is no different! Teach it the basics of obedience and the tune you play together will be harmonious, no matter the direction your partnership takes you.

Old dogs do learn new tricks. Whether it be a pup or an older dog, basic obedience could save your dog's life. For example a simple skill such as stopping, could be invaluable if your dog is heading for a road.

I believe that training in this area will undoubtedly enhance the partnership you have with your dog.

We provide behavioural and field work for all types of dog because training leads to freedom

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