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Dog training

We provide behavioural and field work for all types of dog because training leads to freedom

Services - Behavioural work

We offer a variety of services. Whether it be in the field or ring, we will guide you through the ups and downs of forming that all important partnership.

The core of the training we provide is your partnership's needs. Many but not all behavioural issues do require one to one training. The aim being to assess what is the root cause, and to pass on techniques to control and alter the behaviour.

Behavioural issues can often be the result of just not understanding why the dog acts the way it does. Understand why and you are half way to resolving the issue. Our aim is to provide you with the tools to form a lasting harmonious relationship with your dog, which comes from mutual understanding and trust. It is not always the dog that is at fault.

One-to-one training

This is all about how to live with and get the best from your dog.

We will:

  • Visit your home and observe the problem behaviour
  • Demonstrate our recommended strategies
  • Plan out a way forward

Prices are calculated according to the duration worked and the distance travelled.

Training workshops for any breed

These are held periodically and are themed to deal with certain behaviours:

  • Recall problems
  • Lead aggression
  • Dog communication
  • Stock problems (sheep worrying , cats etc)
  • Basic obedience

For example, regular workshops are arranged for the lurcher rescue site Lurcher Link.

Please see our events page for details of future training days.

Group socialisation classes

We will work with the group on specific problems, with no set agenda.

Any problems you may be experiencing will be addressed and solutions worked through.

Puppy training classes / socialisation groups

These classes are held weekly and are for any breed of dog.

Classes are held in a large indoor arena, so there are no cancellations due to bad weather conditions.

Please use our Contacts page to obtain further information.

Seminars geared for staff at rescue centres

Adapting specifics, to enable a better understanding of the behaviour of a rescue dog and overcoming possible problems in the lead up to rehoming a rescue dog.

This seminar was organised by Hall Green RGT

Types of training

Basic training is for understanding how a dog learns and will make the learning process fun for both trainer and dog.

Advanced training is for those of us that wish to put our dogs to work in the field, agility ring, or obedience ring. Advanced training is very much a practical programme, often running over one or two days, which needs to be booked ahead. Just tell us what you would like to teach the dog and we will structure a training day for you.

Sessions can also be offered to assist Support Dogs in their training.

Please see our Contacts page to book a visit, seminar or group place.

We provide behavioural and field work for all types of dog because training leads to freedom

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